Human annotators map the town online, remotelly with not local knowledge required.


Thousand of workers can be recruted at any time of the day to work in parallel.

Data analysis

VCE integrates advances tools for real-time data monitoring, aggregation, and visualisation

An innovative way to support Smart Cities mapping


The human contribution is the core part of the VCE. Volunteers or crowdworkers can map given areas remotely since no local knowledge is required to them.

Predesigned templates

The VCE offers predefined task configurations for different infrastructure item types, e.g., parking spot for disabled people, bike racks, or motorbike parking.

Data Analysis

Data about public infrastructure items generated by mappers are aggregated, analysed, and visualised in the VCE dashboard.

GDPR compliance

The VCE processes the data gathered by the mappers anonymised and respecting the European regulations in the matter of data protection.

Toward a smarter mobility

The VCE is a tool thought to European Municipalities which aim to generate knowledge to be used to develop smarter solutions for citizens mobility.

Track road signs across town


Improve maps of your city


Parking probability computation


Encourage zero-emission mobility


Benefirs for disable people


Riduction of traffic congestion


A sinergy between municipalities and mappers

Municipality perspective

The VCE is thought for European municipalities or any requester who needs to map the infrastructure within a given area. Requesters configure the VCE to run crowdsourcing tasks where human mappers, who work in remote, are requred to identify static city items,of a specific and well-described type, in given area. The VCE offer an admin dashboard to setup and run tasks, and to visualize the data produced. In particular the VCE offers a task monitor that shows the items submitted by mappers, focusing on their location on the maps and their photos. Also, the VCE offers a heatmap tool which visualises mapping coverage, to identify and address any sub-areas that may be underexplored.

Mappers perspective

Mappers are typically volunteers, citizens or paid crowdworkers who re required to virtually visit a given area of a town looking for static items which have specific types of characteristics specified by the requesters. The VCE interface embeds the Google Street View navigation system to allow explorers going around in the three-dimensional environment. Local knowledge of the town is not required to mappers. Anybody can potentially map any area, remotely, by using their own devices. Typically, when looking for items of a given target type, mappers adopt an explorative approach, meaning they are free to move in the area without being guided on a specific path.

Try yourself the mapper experience

How many bike racks will you find in Trento, Italy?
Challenge yourself to see how good you are as a VCE mapper!

VCE events

VCE is constantly presented local and international events. The feedback, questions and ideas shared by the audience play an essential role in the VCE enhancement.

Scientific publications

The VCE arose high interest in the Scientific Community and got published in the proceedings of peer-revied conferences and journal papers. Some of these publications discussed the VCE as a standalone tool to generate public infrastructure maps. Other presented the VCE as a component of a broader hybrid system that combines human and machine computation, to extend, refine, and validate existing maps. Such presentations are listed below:

Qrowd H2020 Project

QROWD offers local government and transportation businesses innovative solutions to improve mobility, reduce traffic congestion and make navigation safer and more efficient.

Action H2020 Project

The ACTION project offers citizen science accelerators to support hands-on citizen science activities to combat and prevent major forms of pollution in the EU.

University of Southampton

The University of Southampton is ranked among the top 100 of universities globally. A research-led founding member of the prestigious Russell Group.